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New computer accessories are developed constantly, which can be frustrating to the occasional computer user. Find out some basic computer operating tips, such as installing a wireless mouse, connecting printers to laptops and cleaning laptop screens with this free video series from a computer technician.

Series Summary

As computer systems get more and more complicated, manuals seem to provide less and less information. The latest computer may not include a comprehensive guide to the operation and maintenance of the system. There is no doubt that the world has become reliant on computers for day-to-day functionality, whether it's school or business. Knowing how to survive in this new digital age is something that youngsters start learning early without having to read the manual. However, thanks to the Internet, use this free video series to boost knowledge of basic computer hardware and accessories. In this free video series, a professional computer technician discusses various hardware and computer accessories. Learn how to choose the best processor for a computer. Also, get tips for choosing between a laptop and desktop. Find out how to hook up accessories to a PC, such as a microphone and printer. Clean an LCD screen with expert tips as well. So, take a moment, and learn some general computer information about computer hardware and accessories that will help smooth the path to computer happiness!

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  • How to Type

    To learn to type on a computer, use the Home Row technique, which places the left hand on "a", "s", "d", "f" and the right hand on "j", "k", "l",… Read More

  • How to Type Faster

    The best way to type faster is to use the Home Row typing style and practice with a couple of easy sentences. Learn to type faster with tips from a… Read More

  • How to Hookup a Microphone to a PC

    To hookup a microphone to a personal computer, first select a microphone style, such as a lapel, mini or full-sized microphone. Learn to hookup a microphone to a PC with… Read More

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