Math Skills & Equations


Math is series of equations using numbers and variables to solve problems. Learn how to use and understand math for basic problems and in everyday life with tips from a math professor in this free video math lesson series.

Series Summary

Mathematics is used in virtually every aspect of everyday life. From the basic rules of counting, calculating and measuring, to complicated theorems and formulas, math forms the basis for what is absolutely known fact. Incorporating elements of logic and abstraction, mathematics is found in many career fields such as the natural sciences, the medical field, engineering and even music. In this free video series math lesson, a mathematics professor demonstrates how to solve a variety of problems and equations. Get step-by-step instructions for solving basic math equations, algebra problems and math problems dealing with fractions and mixed numbers. Find out how to use math in cooking and for determining a standard GPA. With the right information and guidance, anyone can master basic math skills.

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  • How to Calculate Your Standard GPA

    To calculate standard GPA, add together the numerical value of each letter grade and divide by the total number of classes. Determine standard GPA by using basic mathematical calculations with… Read More

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