First Aid Tips


First aid is often necessary in medical emergencies to provide temporary treatment to a sick or injured person until that person can be brought to a hospital or other health care facility. Find out how to perform first aid for a variety of conditions with tips from a street firefighter in this free video series on first aid.

Series Summary

The term first aid refers to the immediate care that is provided to an injured or sick person. It is used to stabilize a patient until further medical treatment and assessment can be provided at a hospital or care facility. For most, a first-aid kit is used primarily to treat minor medical emergencies, like small cuts or burns. However, it is important to keep a first-aid kit stocked with supplies that are used regularly, as well as those items which might be used until EMS can help. In addition to a first-aid kit, knowing what to do in emergency situations is a key part of treating injuries. In this free video series, a street firefighter provides first-aid tips for treating a variety of injuries including stings, burns and other wounds. Find out how to soothe a burnt tongue, how to treat food poisoning and how to treat a conscious choking adult or child. Learn about treating heat exhaustion, blisters and frostbite as well. Minimize the long-term effects of medical emergencies by utilizing these first-aid tips.

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  • How to Treat a Hot Pepper Burn

    When treating a hot pepper burn, avoid touching the eyes, wash the area with dish soap and apply aloe vera gel. Remove the oil from a hot pepper burn with… Read More

  • How to Treat Bruised Ribs

    Bruised ribs can be treated by applying a cold compress and taking over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Tylenol. Reduce the pain of bruised ribs with tips from a street firefighter… Read More

  • How to Treat Second & Third-Degree Burns

    Second and third-degree burns cause blistering, charring and blackening of the skin, which need to be cooled with clean, synthetic materials and a sterile dressing. Seek medical treatment for second… Read More

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