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Writing is a complex representation of a language in a textual medium through the use of signs and symbols. Learn several writing tips for writing various documents with tips from a credentialed teacher in this free video series on writing lessons.

Series Summary

Good writing is an important skill that can be used in a variety of media. Whether it's writing a meeting agenda, a toast or a magazine article, the ability to effectively communicate to a large audience stems from knowledge and execution of proper writing techniques. With such knowledge comes an understanding of the distinct differences in writing styles between creative writing, journalism, technical writing and informal writing. In this free video series on writing lessons, teacher Laura Minnigerode discusses how to teach and write various documents. Minnegerode begins by explaining how to write a haiku, a Native American wedding prayer and a contract for a nanny. She discusses how to teach children various writing skills, such as simple sentences, paragraph writing, argumentative writing, narrative writing and even number writing. Minnegerode then reveals the process involved for becoming a certified grant writer, writing federal grants and research grants. Watch these free videos and enjoy more writing lessons today.

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  • How to Write a Haiku

    A haiku is a form of Japanese writing that is typically expressed as a poem about nature. Write a creative haiku with tips from a credentialed teacher in this free… Read More

  • How to Write a Research Grant

    When writing a research grant, use statistics and information to demonstrate how significant the project is for improving the proposal. Write a research grant with tips from a credentialed teacher… Read More

  • How to Write Your Life Story

    When writing your life story, take notes and consider some of the most meaningful events in your life that you would like to convey. Learn to write your life story… Read More

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