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Origami or paper art is an intricate process that aims at creating a representation of an object through geometric folds and crease patterns. Learn to construct a variety of different objects out of paper with tips from an origami specialist in this free video series on paper folding.

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Origami or paper folding, is a form of visual representation defined by the folding of paper, which originated in Japan in the 1600s. Since then, this ancient art has become a popular hobby for many around the globe. Origami has been popular in the United States and England since the early 1900s, but did you know that the first published origami book, 'Hiden Senbazuru Orikata' (which translated to English means 'Secret of 1,000 Cranes Origami'), was published in 1797? Origami is regarded as a complicated and delicate art form, and in this free video series, a graphic design artist demonstrates how to use origami to fold pieces of paper into unique pieces of art. Some of the patterns and designs include paper drinking cups, hearts, penguins, dragons and flying birds, among others. With these origami folding instructions, a simple sheet of paper can quickly transform into a work of fine art. In this free video series on paper folding, origami specialist Robert Segundo demonstrates how to create a variety of different objects and animals through the art of paper folding. Segundo begins by explaining how to create a paper book cover, a paper snowflake, a paper bag and even Mexican paper flowers out of paper. He then uses his knowledge of origami to demonstrate how to create other objects, such as: a paper rocket, swan, rose, doll, football and even a Christmas tree. Watch these free videos and learn to create several items through the intricate art of paper folding today.

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