Massage Techniques


Massage is a therapeutic and stress relieving process that helps to alleviate pain throughout the body. Learn several massage techniques from a massage therapist in this free video series on massage.

Series Summary

Massage therapy is a practice with a multiplicity of benefits. Whether it’s a quick rubdown or a full-body treatment, the human touch has practical applications for promoting both physical and emotional well-being. The basic idea behind massage is the use of motion, pressure, tension and vibration on certain areas of the body, localized around muscles or joints in pain or under stress. This allows a release of tension and a return to a homeostatic condition. Therefore, massage is very important for general stress relief, pain management, muscle injury prevention, and it encourages physical and emotional healing and improves circulation. In this free video series on massage techniques, massage therapist Sundae Thomas demonstrates several massage techniques for alleviating stress and tension throughout the body. Thomas begins by discussing how massage can help treat people with diabetes, headaches and sore neck muscles. She explains how to make massage oils, set up a massage business, restore a massage table, decorate a massage room and massage various muscles throughout the body. Watch these free videos and learn more about massage techniques today.

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  • How to Massage a Stiff Neck

    When massaging a stiff neck, place a hot pack on the neck to relax the tissue before massaging the levator scapulae muscle. Alleviate pain and stress around the neck with… Read More

  • How to Massage

    When massaging a client, use gliding strokes and massage oil to loosen up the muscles and alleviate stress. Massage the body and soothe the muscles with tips from a massage… Read More

  • Romance Massage Tips

    Massage a partner romantically by massaging the hands and feet, which have a lot of sensitive touch receptors that promote relaxation. Relax and alleviate stress during a romantic evening with… Read More

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