Hip-Hop Dance Tips


Hip-hop dance tips include warm-up advice, clothing recommendations and dance-move instruction. Learn to hip-hop dance with this free video series on hip hop.

Series Summary

Hip-hop dancing covers a large range of styles and specific moves and techniques, but the cornerstone of the style is undoubtedly break dancing. Over time, that so-called old-school way of dancing and participating in hip-hop culture has evolved into many different offshoots. Funk dancing, popping and locking, jigging, freaking, krump and hyphy are examples of types of hip-hop dance, and each style contains certain moves that distinguish it from other forms. Many people take hip-hop dance lessons, and although some people believe that teaching orchestrated steps is contrary to the roots of the culture and history of hip-hop dance, many people benefit from taking lessons. In this free video series on hip hop, a dance instructor demonstrates several hip-hop dance tips. Learn to warm up before any dance routine, and find out how to do drills to improve hip-hop dancing skills. Gather the right clothing for hip-hop dancing, and find out where to find hip-hop classes. By watching hip-hop music videos, learn hip-hop moves from observation, and get tips on simple moves like locking and popping. Begin hip-hop dancing with these general tips.

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  • How to Learn Hip-Hop Dance Moves

    To learn hip-hop dance moves, first envision the move before performing it, and then establish the base of the move before the upper body motions. Learn hip-hop dance moves easily… Read More

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