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Rap and hip-hop culture is based around the music of popular rappers, but also incorporates fashion, language and, of course, dance. Live the hip-hop life by starting a record label, making a home studio and dressing the part with tips from a veteran hip-hop recording artist in this free video series on the rap star life.

Series Summary

Hip-hop culture is based mainly on music and dance. Hip-hop has developed new styles and specific moves and techniques, but the cornerstone of the style is undoubtedly break dancing. Over time, that so-called old school way of dancing and participating in hip-hop culture has evolved into many different off-shoots. Funk dancing, popping and locking, jigging, freaking, krump and hyphy are examples of types of hip-hop dance. Each style contains certain moves that distinguish it from other forms. Hip-hop is also a form of music heavily based on spoken-word poetry and rap. In this free video series on rap and hip-hop culture, Christian recording artist R.O.C. offers insight from his decade-long career to help newcomers start a record label, soundproof a room for a home studio, record lyrics on current equipment and more. Besides recording music, R.O.C. also teaches many ways to fold a bandanna for the authentic hip-hop look. He offers styles for armbands and skull caps and shows folding techniques to store a bandanna in the back pocket for maximum exposure.

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  • How to Write a Rap Song

    Writing a rap song is like writing poetry, with solid rhymes, deep verses and a repeating chorus. Write the hottest new rap song from start to finish complete with punchlines… Read More

  • How to Start a Record Label

    Starting a record label requires deciding on the type of company you want and outfitting yourself with an entourage of marketable artists. Build your own record label by starting a… Read More

  • Folding a Bandana for the Back Pocket

    Folding a bandanna to wear in your back pocket entails following the natural creases in the bandanna and leaving a flap to stick out of the pocket. Fold a bandanna… Read More

  • Bandana Folding Styles

    Many bandanna folding styles are tied to various cultures and have become popular staples of the music and film industries. Pick up tips for folding a bandanna many different ways… Read More

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