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Changing to a raw food diet? Learn how to prepare raw food recipes for healthy, simple meals. Get cooking tips from our chef in this free video series.

Series Summary

Raw foodism is a trend that is sweeping the world. With global obesity figures skyrocketing, people are taking a closer look at the factors that are affecting their body mass index and asking the question, “why are we getting so fat?” While some would say that the answer is genetic predisposition, others are convinced that a large part of the answer comes in the foods that we put in our body. And increasingly, we seem to be choosing meals high in fat and sodium content, but devoid of any real nutrition.

Raw foods are foods that have not been cooked above 118° F. The basic idea behind raw foodism is that essential nutrients and enzymes get cooked out of our foods at higher temperatures, causing our bodies to work harder to digest. Raw food diets tend to be very nutritious; most of the items on the menu are stout, green, leafy vegetables, nuts, fruit and berries.

Are you convinced yet? Have you considered changing to a raw food diet? In this free healthy cooking video series, our host, Nili Nathan, will bring you to a raw vegan restaurant and show you some quick and easy raw recipes you can make on your own. Dishes include a red Thai curry, vegan spring rolls, and a chocolate fondue. Then Nili will take us to a raw food store and café to discuss some of the major health benefits of raw food products. Enjoy!

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