Drawing: Cartoons & Fashion


Drawing cartoons and fashion plays a vital role in many types of illustration, such as illustrating stories, comic books and graphic novels. Find out how to draw various types of garments and cartoon characters in this free video series on drawing.

Series Summary

Drawing and sketching refers to two-dimensional pieces of art made by marking on a surface with a variety of mediums. Drawing tools can include graphite pencils, pen and ink, colored pencils, charcoals and chalk and pastels. It is the most foundational skill an artist possesses. The practice of drawing and sketching as an art form became widely popular in 15th-century Europe when paper became generally available. The famous journal of Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci contains hundreds of sketches, brainstorms and observations that inspire draftsmen today. Almost every form of imaginable art involves some level of drawing or sketching. In this free video series on drawing, a cartoonist and illustrator discusses drawing for fashion, cartooning and illustrating books. Find out how to draw different types of clothing on a foundational human figure, and learn the basics of creating clothing for any type of fictional character. Understand how to being a comic book, find out how to create a map for a fictional story and discover the lifestyle of a working artist. Begin a creative life through drawing and sketching using this free artist's guide.

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