Antique Camera Guide


Many vintage cameras can still take great pictures. Learn about antique cameras and how to operate them in this free camera collecting guide from a professional photographer.

Series Summary

Photography is an art of making pictures by exposing film or another medium to a timed flash of light. The basic equipment used for photography includes a camera equipped with a flash and film. Mastering the art of photography is a technically challenging experience. One has to learn how to focus the lens, control the aperture of the lens, filter the light, the importance of the focal length and the duration of the exposure among other things. While most digital cameras take care of these adjustments automatically these days, experienced photographers pride themselves in their ability to adjust these settings manually on film cameras, just like the old days when the cameras in these videos ruled the world of photography. In this series of free camera collecting videos, you will learn about vintage cameras, how they were made as well as how to use them. The medium format Zeiss Ikon Super still takes incredible pictures. And Polaroid cameras are still real crowd pleasers, with their folding design and instant photos.

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