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Want to be a better hip-hop dancer? Learn hip-hop dancing with tips from a professional entertainer in this free dance video.

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Hip-hop dancing covers a large range of styles and specific moves and techniques, but the cornerstone of the style is undoubtedly break dancing. Over time, that so-called old school way of dancing and participating in hip-hop culture has evolved into many different off-shoots. Funk dancing, popping and locking, jigging, freaking, krump, and hyphy are examples of types of hip-hop dance, and each style contains certain moves that distinguish it from other forms. Throughout the world, there are competitions and there is no doubt as to the influence hip-hop and that style of dancing have had on the cultures it touches. Here in the United States, many people opt to take hip-hop dancing lessons, and although some critics believe that teaching orchestrated steps in that fashion is adverse to the true roots of the culture and the history of the dance, many people enjoy taking the lessons and learning how to break with the best of them. Does all of this sound like Greek to you? Turn on your favorite music video station and watch for ten minutes, you'll know exactly what you're up against. In this free dance video series, let a professional entertainer show you the moves to clear the dance floor. Learn hip-hop dancing step-by-step. Each video shows you the next move in order until you get the whole routine down. Our expert takes time to show you many times at multiple angles to allow you to practice along with her. Blow the dance floor away after watching and learning hip-hop dance!

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  • Hip-Hop Dancing: Krumping

    Krumping is putting hands up, arching the back and pushing hips forward in hip-hop dancing. Learn hip-hop dancing with expert tips from a professional entertainer in this free dance video. Read More

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