How to Make Chocolate Truffles


Learn how to make chocolate truffles from scratch in this free series of dessert recipe videos from our professional party caterer.

Series Summary

Truffles are various kinds of fungi that grow underground. Chocolate is, well, chocolate, one of the most beloved flavors in the world. So even something as unappetizing as subterranean fungus would taste great dipped in chocolate. Right? Not just great but good enough to serve at a party! Well, unfortunately, the “truffles” in this series refers not to fungus but to a confection made from scratch and filled with a liquid center. Apparently, these chocolate truffles got their name because they look like the truffle fungus, not because someone carrying an armful of fungus truffles tripped into a big vat of chocolate and thereby discovered a tasty treat. Oh well. Still taste great though.

In this series of dessert recipe videos, our professional chef and caterer will show you how to make chocolate truffles. She begins by telling you the ingredients, then demonstrates how to melt the truffles in a double boiler and then roll them into shape after cooling. She also includes serving tips and an explanation of why her recipe is much better than fungus dipped in chocolate, though perhaps not as healthy.

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