Relationship Communication Problems


A lack of good communication is the cause of many relationship problems. Learn about communications barriers in relationships in this free video from an expert on interpersonal communication.

Series Summary

In the contexts of sociology and of popular culture, the concept of interpersonal relationships involves social associations, connections, or affiliations between two or more people. Such persons may interact overtly, covertly, face-to-face, or may remain effectively unknown to each other, as in a virtual community whose members maintain anonymity and do not socialize outside of a chat-room. The discovery or establishment of common ground between individuals provides a fundamental component for enduring interpersonal relationships. Loss of common ground, which may happen over time, may tend to end interpersonal relationships. Whether a relationship is a romantic one, based on friendship, work or school, the fact remains that building a strong relationship takes some work and emotional involvement. In this free video series, an expert on interpersonal communication will teach you how to break down communications barriers to improve relationships. You'll learn about a number of communication problems that are common to relationships, including barriers of culture, ego, semantics, perception, and stress. Next, you'll discover how to break down these barriers and move on to a healthier relationship. With this relationship advice, your communication skills will improve instantly.

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