How to Grow Peach Trees


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Trees come in many different shapes and sizes. Some require a tropical environment or coastal soil to thrive. Certain trees need fertilizer, while others require only water and sunlight. Trees can bear fruit like apples, oranges, lemons and cherries. A tree must reach a certain height to be designated a tree, which can vary depending on the source. One thing is for certain, other than producing delicious fruit to eat, trees are a necessity for preventing erosion and producing oxygen. In this free video series on growing fruit trees, the owner of a plant nursery explains how to grow peaches. Get information on planting peach trees and watering the trees. Find out the best way to fertilize peach trees and how to harvest and store peaches. Keep peach trees from getting bugs by learning how to spray the trees with the help of these free videos.

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  • How to Prune Peach Trees

    To prune peach trees, chop off the top once the tree hits 7 or 8 feet, trim back small branches in the late summer, and get rid of dead branches.… Read More

  • How to Take Care of Peach Trees

    Take care of peach trees by setting up a fertilizing program, pruning out dead wood and keeping the number of peaches on each branch to an appropriate number. Avoid growing… Read More

  • How to Grow Peach Trees From Seeds

    To grow peach trees from seeds, plant the seeds about 3 inches below the ground, make sure the seeds begin to germinate, and wait three to seven years for peaches.… Read More

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