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Landscaping the front or back yard doesn't have to be a professional job. Home gardens provide a tranquil area for reflection and relaxation. Tending and enjoying a garden can lower blood pressure, ease anxiety and provide diversion in which to ponder various thoughts that have been lingering in the subconscious. Even with limited yard space, planting a small corner garden is a simple task that can be completed in just an afternoon. In this free video series on gardening, a sustainable gardener discusses maintaining a garden throughout the winter season. Find out how to winterize several types of plants, and get tips on pruning fruit trees to encourage more fruit production. Trim back one-third of each plant for better growth the following season, and learn to keep a garden healthy all year round.

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  • How to Refrigerate Bulbs

    Refrigerating bulbs is sometimes necessary in climates that do not experience a cold enough winter to provide the dormant period necessary for a bulb's development. Place bulbs in a paper… Read More

  • How to Train Apple Trees

    Training apple trees is important to get the most fruit out of the season and for easier harvesting, so prune the top of the tree into a vase shape to… Read More

  • How to Remove Yucca

    To remove yucca from the ground, first cut off all of the greenery and growth, moisten the ground, and use a shovel to break apart the root system. Get rid… Read More

  • How to To Prune a Hibiscus

    Pruning a hibiscus plant down to the next bud in the fall will encourage new growth, and keeping it pruned in a circular shape will maintain the plant nicely. Trim… Read More

  • How to Remove Seeds From Sunflowers

    Seeds from sunflowers can be removed and harvested when the flower is almost at the point of breaking apart, and tying a plastic bag around the head of the flowers… Read More

  • How to Winterize Geraniums

    Winterizing geraniums requires trimming them back to two-thirds the size, transplanting them into a container and putting them in a greenhouse under plastic. Reintroduce geraniums outdoors when the weather is… Read More

  • How to Winterize Hydrangeas

    To winterize hydrangeas, cut back one-third of the plant, and leave them in the ground, as hydrangeas can handle freezing weather during their dormant period. Maintain hydrangeas during the winter… Read More

  • How to Trim Fruit Trees

    Trimming fruit trees requires thinning out the topmost branches to create a bowl or vase-shaped tree, which allows the sun to hit the innermost branches for more fruit production. Trim… Read More

  • Making Japanese-Style Gardens

    When making a Japanese-style garden, block off the area with a wall of bamboo, use lots of rocks in the landscaping, plant things in groups of three, and include a… Read More

  • How to Trim a Butterfly Bush

    When trimming a butterfly bush, only trim back one-third of the plant at a time and dispose of the buds in a way that will not allow the plant to… Read More

  • Orange Tree Pruning

    Pruning an orange tree is done in the fall after it is finished producing fruit for the season, and trimming away the light-colored branches near the top and middle of… Read More

  • Pruning Rose of Sharon Plant

    Pruning Rose of Sharon plants, also known as hibiscus syriacus, should be done annually to keep the plant healthier, to encourage new plant growth and to keep it under control.… Read More

  • Red Tip Photinia Pruning

    The red tip photinia plant can be pruned each year in the fall or winter, and cutting back the dead and wild branches will keep the plant healthy and growing… Read More

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