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Cardiology is a specialty of internal medicine dealing with disorders of the heart and blood vessels. This field includes the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and other heart ailments. Physicians that specialize in this field of medicine are called cardiologists, not to be confused with cardiac surgeons. In this free video series on cardiology, board certified cardiologists explain heart health. Learn how to determine resting heart rate, target heart rate and recovery heart rate. Get information on high blood pressure, low blood pressure and hypertension. Find out the symptoms of heart disease and learn about Plavix, all with information from these free videos.

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  • What Is the Normal Range for Cholesterol?

    The normal range for cholesterol is less than 200 total cholesterol, with less than 150 levels of triglycerides, greater than 40 HDL levels and less than 130 LDL levels. Find… Read More

  • What Is the Normal Blood Pressure Range?

    The normal range for the higher end of blood pressure is 140/90, with 140 being the systolic blood pressure and 90 being the diastolic pressure. Learn how the range pre-hypertension… Read More

  • What Should Your Blood Pressure Be?

    Blood pressure levels should be below 140/90, with the average blood pressure being in the 120/70 range. Find out how there is no blood pressure that is too low, other… Read More

  • What Is Hypertension?

    Hypertension is commonly known as high blood pressure and is diagnosed when blood pressure readings are above 140/90. Find out how there is rarely a known cause for hypertension, though… Read More

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