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An exotic pet is a rare or unusual animal kept as a pet, or an animal kept as a pet that is not ordinarily thought of as a pet. Sometimes any unique or wild-looking pet is called an exotic pet, and this term may also be used for a species which is not indigenous to the owner's location. Many major pet stores and service providers tend to classify any animal besides cats, dogs, or fish as exotic. In this free video series, a veterinarian provides advice for taking care of a number of exotic pets. Discover how to adopt a squirrel, how to buy a pet raccoon and how to house a chinchilla. Learn about taking care of skunks and rabbits as well. Find out everything there is to know about researching, buying, mating, housing and feeding exotic pets.

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  • Where Do Squirrels Sleep?

    Tree squirrels typically make nests that are made out of leaves, pine needs and sticks. Find out when a squirrel will make a nest inside of a tree with information… Read More

  • How to Adopt a Squirrel

    Squirrels are considered wildlife in most states, and within these states, they can't be adopted without a rehab license. Find out why a person should never handle an orphan squirrel… Read More

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