Paragliding Techniques & Instruction for Beginners


In this free video series learn all about paragliding, including wind conditions, gear & equipment, launching techniques & form, and more.

Series Summary

This recreational and competitive flying sport uses a free-flying, foot-launched wing or parafoil. It is similar to hang-gliding, but different from parasailing and paramotoring. The wing is a row of self-inflating cells that operate much in the way that an airplane wing works. When they are inflated, they produce lift. The only controls the pilot has control speed and turn by pulling on the edge of the wing. There are competitive leagues that range from cross-country (distance gliding), to accuracy leagues (spot landing), and “acro” leagues (aero-acrobatics and stunt gliding). In these videos, you will learn how to get involved in the sport of paragliding. Get tips on the appropriate gear and procedures for paragliding. What happens after a launch? Watch these videos to better understand the sport. Learn how to lay out and hook into a glider. Learn the art of forward launching and the procedures for safely landing your paraglider. Sometimes when there are high winds involved, the process called “reverse inflation” is necessary. You can learn how to use this method in your paragliding experience by watching these videos. Our expert explains the use of Zen in paragliding and how using site etiquette is often appreciated in paragliding. Watch these videos to improve your paragliding skills!

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