How To Fly a Powered Paraglider Trike


Only the very brave have the guts to hurl themselves off a cliff with only a thin layer of material and fiberglass to hold them up. Learn tips on how to fly a powered paraglider trike in this free video clip series on flying.

Series Summary

Powered para gliding has been around for decades. Since the 50's man has taken leaps of faith in the name of physics and hurled him or herself off cliffs in desperate pursuit of that 'rush' or 'buzz' as the kids like to call it today. Crazy you say? You may be right but there is something to be said about the feeling of weightlessness and freedom a sport like paragliding gives its athletes. What a rush it must be knowing there is only a thin sheet and a few ropes between you and certain death. Sound like a blast to you? Lets attach a gas powered motor to your back and let you propel yourself through the sky like a drunken Superman. Now that's a good time!

This video series is a must for anyone thinking of para gliding at all but especially powered paragliding. Our expert, Hugh Murphy, is the owner of his own para gliding company and he will walk you through every aspect of a powered paragliding trike from getting into the harness properly to how to stand up with the motor attached to your back to how to take off and land. Every aspect is covered here so make sure you don't go off your first cliff before checking them out! you won't regret it when you're 1000ft up dangling like a 5 year old who climber too high in a tree.

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