Understanding Personal Numerology


Learn how to calculate your birth and name numbers and what they mean in this free series of numerology lesson videos from our expert numerologist and clinical hypnotherapist.

Series Summary

The numbers in your birth date can tell you a great deal about yourself. Are you creative? Do you get along well with other people? Do you adapt well to change? More than likely you already know these things and don’t need a numerological reading to reaffirm or possibly contradict the direction of your life. A successful artist is not likely to stop painting or sculpting because their birth number indicates that their personal strengths lie in their leadership abilities rather than their creative skills. Nor is a stockbroker likely to give up their fortune and join the Peace Corps because the day they were born on is more conducive to healing than making money. However, aren’t you just a bit curious to find out what numerology says about you? If this ancient belief system was good enough for Pythagoras, perhaps it has something insightful to say about you. But a word of warning: This is not a tarot reading, where you can try again if you don’t like what the cards tell you. The numbers don’t lie. Or maybe they already have. Watch and learn, but don’t blame us if your reading doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to.

In this free series of divination videos, our numerology expert will demonstrate how to calculate your birth number, as well as your maturity number (based on your birth number and name number) and your soul number (based on the vowels in your name). She also explains the significance of these numbers and what they tell you about yourself. Not to worry, none of the resulting qualities are negative: you won’t find out that you are destined for a life of crime or a tragic bankruptcy. But if you wanted to be magical and find out that your are mystical, you may just have to ignore what you discover. That is, if you can…

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