Plant Care Guide: Green Thumb Techniques


Watering, lighting and planting techniques for house plants are discussed in this free educational video series.

Series Summary

Let's face it- not all of us have a green thumb. Though we try and try, some plants seem to just refuse our tenacity. This can be daunting and discouraging to those who want to enjoy the beauty of live plants at home. However, if you are one of these poor souls that seem to be cursed by plants, there is hope! Sometimes the simplest actions can make your dried up green thumb blossom into a lush and thriving appendage. Of course, there are simple things that a plant needs for survival. Water, soil, sun, and air seem to be the basic building blocks of plant care. So, with the proper combination of these simple elements, a former eyesore household plant could be transformed into the envy of plant lovers everywhere.

In this series of plant care videos from our green thumb expert, you will learn tips for watering plants and making sure they get enough light. Our expert will also tell you how to find bugs in plants and how to get rid of them. How much should you fertilize your plants? What is the best way to trim them? And how to keep those pesky pets from chewing on your plants? As an added bonus, you will find out how to repot and care for bonsai trees and ficus plants.

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