How to Apply Clown Makeup


Want to be a clown? Learn tips for applying Harlequin, hobo, August and whiteface clown makeup in this free instructional video series from a professional clown.

Series Summary

The great Charlie Chaplin once stated, “I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.” It's true. Humanity loves the humor and lightness that clowns give to their audience. Many of us would much rather see a clown perform than a typical politician, though some may argue about the difference between the two. Clowns make us feel good about ourselves. Whether we are laughing at our own problems or at the blunders of the entertainers, clowns have influenced all cultures and social classes. The mockery of both the sacred and profane forces all of us to release our societal taboos. In this, the role of the clown is extremely important in society. And, what is a better remedy to the seriousness of life than laughter? Humankind is always going to need these well wishers.

If you have been considering joining the elite clown profession, this free video series is perfect for you. Our expert, Paul Anderson, has had a very successful career as a clown, and he offers tips to make your clown makeup perfect. Learn how to apply different kinds of clown make: harlequin, hobo, august, and white. If you are looking for the perfect clown makeup, take a moment, and learn how to apply clown makeup today!

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