How To Do Basic Yo-Yo Tricks


Learn the basics of how to yo-yo, including how to adjust the string of a yo-yo and how to do basic yo-yo tricks in this free video series for yo-yo beginners.

Series Summary

The history of the Yo-Yo is a long and sordid tale, beginning in the Philippines sometime before 500 B.C. Once possibly used as a weapon, the Yo-Yo developed into its modern form in 1866 when it was patented under the name “whirligig”. With a ridiculous name like whirligig, it's no wonder the dizzying disks didn't take. Finally given the respectable name of Yo-Yo, the children's toy achieved ridiculous heights of popularity in the 1920's and then again in the 1960's. Advances in Yo-Yo technology in the 1990's saw yet another resurgence of Yo-Yo culture, sparking the World Yo-Yo competition held annually in Florida to showcase a variety of Yo-Yo tricks. Yo-Yo's can also be see in film and television, though most often as weapons for small, animated children.

In this free video series, our Yo-Yo expert will get you started on your way to Yo-Yo stardom by demonstrating the basics. He'll show you important things like adjusting your Yo-Yo string to fit your height, and how to hold your Yo-Yo. Our expert will also demonstrate some basic tricks and techniques that every avid Yo-Yoer will need to know before moving on to more advanced moves. So go grab your Yo-Yo and get started today!

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