How to Juggle Scarves


Learn scarf juggling from a pro in this free online video series. Learn techniques such as juggling 4 scarves, full shower, half shower, over the top, reverse cascade, and under the leg juggling.

Series Summary

Juggling is a skill where objects such as balls, bowling pins or rings are thrown and caught in succession. The first known record of juggling is illustrated on a 2nd Millennium B.C. Egyptian tomb wall. Court jesters and court musicians were known to juggle in the Middle Ages in Europe and in the 18th century jugglers started performing in modern circuses. Today juggling is performed on stages across America and on cruise ships around the world but it is also a national past time enjoyed by Americans of almost all ages. From juggling balls, clubs, or scarves, juggling can be learned without years of practice. Scarf juggling may be the best way to start to learn as scarves fall much more slowly than balls or clubs.

Learn scarf juggling from Adria Moskowitz a two time national television performer who studied with some of the greats in the entertainment field; people like Cindy Marvell, the first woman to win a gold medal in juggling. Adria demonstrates such tricks, techniques, and patterns as juggling one, two, three, and four scarves; transitioning from three to four scarves; the full shower; the scarf cascade; the half shower; over the top trick; sequential throws under one leg and alternating legs in this free online video lesson.

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