How to Build Terrariums & Vivariums


Learn how to build your own terrarium or vivarium in these free instructional videos, including selecting soil, plants & animals, setting lighting, humidity & temperature levels, and cleaning tips.

Series Summary

A terrarium is a small version of a vivarium. A vivarium is a small enclosed container that contains a portion of a fully supported ecosystem simulated on a smaller scale. Environmental activity is simulated by the use of lights, heating systems, hydrating systems and ventilation systems. These tiny ecosystems can support many different types of exotic plants and small animals. A terrarium usually simulates a dry habitat such as a desert or Savannah area. Plants and animals inside of a terrarium must require the same living conditions including humidity and sunlight requirements.

In this series of informative video clips, our expert explains the workings of a terrarium. Get tips for selecting your terrarium and the background for your terrarium. You will learn about placing the base layer and planting plants into your terrarium. Get expert advice on the lighting, heat and humidity needs of plants and animals in a terrarium. Caring for your terrarium is often differs significantly from caring for regular plants and pets. Learn the basics of watering and fertilizing within a controlled ecosystem. Become a terrarium enthusiast after watching these fun videos.

This series is an Equilibrio Films production.

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