How To Care For a Venus Flytrap


Learn how to care for your Venus Flytrap in this free video series covering feeding, growing, buying, propagating, and transplanting Venus Flytrap carnivorous plants.

Series Summary

A Venus Flytrap is a carnivorous plant that catches insects for food by snapping it's leaves shut. It does this through a combination of elasticity, turgor and growth. The leaves naturally bend outward but when they are closed the are bend inwards and create the trap. It is still difficult to know how this exactly happens but when small hairs are triggered on the leaves they snap shut catching the prey. It will typically take about 10 days to fully digest this food then reopen. They typically reside in boggy, swampy areas low in nitrogen.

In this free video series you will learn from Wes Major, our expert, about Venus Flytraps and how to raise and maintain them. These traps require a specific environment and are in need of very specific necessities to live. You will learn tips and techniques on how to grow a Flytrap from a seedling to an adult as well as the soil and lighting they will need. Wes will also show you methods of propagation and transplanting Flytraps correctly.

This series is an Equilibrio Films production.

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