Ford Explorer & Mercury Mountaineer: Removing & Replacing Heater Core


The heater core can be an elusive and vital car part to replace. Learn a few simple steps for removing and replacing the heater core correctly from a certified mechanic in this free video series.

Series Summary

The automobile is a machine that means so much to so many. It's a complex vehicle that's built on the imaginative ideas of extraordinary proportion. Turning sixteen and quickly becoming your friend's chauffeur is how most of us begin our driving excursions. With gas prices changing, a lot of people are finding ways to repair their own vehicles by any means necessary in order to cut down on vehicle costs. Cars are changing, but understanding their intricate working components will always remain advantageous.

In this free video series a certified mechanic Nathan McCullough will walk you through several steps for replacing your car's heater core. You'll begin by learning what tools are needed as well as what parts of the car you'll be removing. Nathan will then step by step explain to you how you should remove the necessary parts in order to replace the car's heater core. After removing and replacing the heater core, you'll then learn to reassemble all the parts you've already had to remove. Through Nathan's instruction you'll find the process of replacing your car's heater core to be easy and efficient. In no time you'll be fixing the car yourself without the wait and pesky bills associated with taking it to the shop.

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