How to Use & Maintain a Chainsaw


Learn how to use a chainsaw and keep in good working order in this free educational video series.

Series Summary

Power tools are incredible inventions that have revolutionized professional construction and DIY home projects. With all that power, however, there must be an equal amount of safety precautions taken. Few power tools are more dangerous than the saw division. Chainsaws, for example, can be particularly dangerous considering they are not used on a work bench or table. If you don't have much experience with chainsaws or just bought one, our expert can show you how to safely use a chainsaw in this free online video series.

You’ll learn how to use a chainsaw and how to maintain a chainsaw from a chainsaw expert. He will show you how to safely use a chainsaw, the proper safety gear to use, how to disconnect a chainsaw sparkplug, how to tighten the chain on a chainsaw, how to mix gas and oil for chainsaw fuel, how to add gas and bar and chain oil to a chainsaw, how to sharpen a chainsaw chain, how to replace the chain on a chainsaw, how to start a chainsaw, how to replace the air filter on a chain saw, how to start a Husqvarna chainsaw, how to start a Stihl chainsaw, how to cut with a chainsaw and what NOT to do when starting a chain saw.

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