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Learn how to conserve water in the home, in this free video series. Get water conservation tips including how to reduce water usage from the toilet, hot water heater, sprinkler system for the lawn, and in the kitchen and bathroom.

Series Summary

In a world where resources seem to be scarce, the environment is feeling the effects of civilization, and mankind has lost his connection to nature, we need to be reminded that not everything is on demand, built to order, and ready to wear. As residents of the planet Earth, and more specifically as homeowners, renters, squatters, and wanderers, we need to get back to the idea of understanding the ground under our feet, building with the contours of the countryside, and reacquainting the non-farming individual with his roots in subsistence farming. One step in this direction, although a small one, would be to learn how to make our homes more Earth-friendly and green by conserving water. In these free videos our experts, two ladies who have been involved in city level water management and conservation for years, will show you how make your residence more water efficient. They’ll give you tips on where to look for leaks, both indoors and outdoors, as well as how to inspect the kitchen and bathroom for water overuse, adjust the hot water heater, and when to water your lawn for maximum effectiveness.

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