Growing Hanging Basket Plants


Growing hanging basket plants requires checking for insects and diseases. Learn how to grow hanging basket plants in this free gardening video series.

Series Summary

Hanging baskets are beautiful additions to your home and your porch. Growing hanging basket plants and flowers is easier than you might think. You need to know what are the best hanging basket plants and hanging basket flowers. Also it is important to arrange the plants in the hanging basket to maximize its beauty. If you would like to know how to grow hanging basket plants you can learn for free in these free gardening videos.

In this free video series learn how to grow hanging basket plants from plant growing businesswoman Betty Marino. Betty will explain how to grow hanging basket flowers from seed, how to plant hanging baskets, how to prune hanging basket plants, how to choose a hanging basket. She will also tell you how to grow Portulaca hanging baskets, how to grow Calibrachoa hanging baskets, how to grow New Guinea Impatiens, how to grow Begonias, how to grow Ferns in hanging baskets, how to protect your hanging baskets from diseases and insects, and how to decorate your porch with hanging baskets.

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