How to Fly an Airplane


Learn about plane instruments, parts, and movements in this free video series about flying an airplane.

Series Summary

Not everyone is meant to be a pilot. Some people may be terrified of getting inside a machine that flies more than a 100 feet up in the air. Others may suffer from severe motion sickness once their legs leave the ground. However, while flying in airplanes isn't for everyone, some have developed an intense passion for these machines. It takes a great deal of knowledge, practice and skill to feel confident enough to fly a plane, but it is a very coveted and practical skill. If you are interested in learning how to fly a plane, this video series is perfect for you. While this is only an introduction to soaring in the skies, it will help you understand more about the process of flying. Learn about plane instruments and parts and how to perform a pre-flight checklist to ensure your safety when in the air. Our expert gives you great information about flying planes. With his tips, you can learn what to expect from your flight instructor. He even gives you advice for your first solo flight. So, if you truly are terrified of being up in the air, there is a solution. Don't trust someone else. Learn how to fly yourself!

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