How to Make Buns, Twists, & Braids Hairstyles


Learn how to style hair to make buns, twists, and French braids in these free online video, including basic tips and hints about hairstyles, making ponytails, updo styles and more.

Series Summary

Hairstyles, for thousands of years, have been used to signify many things including economic status, social hierarchy, power, war, and beauty. Over the twentieth century many different actresses and performers including Audry Hepburn, Melanie Griffith, Madonna, and Jennifer Aniston have popularized different hairstyles. Today there are a vast array of hairstyles many communicating a certain idea. Some styles include French braids, bob, flip, high updo, split hair, twist bun, and the pony tail. Until the twentieth century women would never be seen in public with a pony tail; today women wear the pony tail commonly in public places, work, and when competing in sporting events as it is a practical means to keeping hair out of the face. The French braid is a more elaborate hairstyle that is created by braiding the hair from the crown of the head down the back of the head. These styles among others can be learned and fashioned at home or almost anywhere you may be. In this free online video series learn to create hairstyles from expert professional hair designer Liz Muller as she demonstrates how to fashion the French braid, flip, high updo, split hairstyle, twist bun, and the pony tail.

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