How to Do Acyrlic Nails with Artificial Tips


Learn how to do acrylic nails with artificial tips in this free video on manicures. Beauty advice from an expert.

Series Summary

Manicuring began 5,000 years ago and continues today with even more popularity. Caring for fingernails is an important part of health and hygiene and should be practiced by everyone whether they care for their nails themselves or hire an esthetician or beautician to do basic care and beautification of the nails.It is a very soothing procedure that both men and women enjoy because there are several treatment options available for multiple personalities. Sometimes the manicurist will attach acrylic nails to the existing nail so that it can grow without worry of being broken and also to lengthen the look of the existing nail until it is able to grow out. This became highly popular in the 20th century and today is a multi-million dollar industry.

In this free video series, watch as beauty practitioner and manicurist Kimberly Bornstein teaches how to do acrylic nails with artificial tips. Learn about sanitation, safety and supplies for acrylic nails, how to apply the acrylic nail with an artificial tip, how to clip the acrylic nail, how to buff and polish the acrylic nail, how to file the acrylic nail, how to do a French manicure, how to do free edge shapes and decals with acrylic nails, and how to remove acrylic nails. Start making your nails look beautiful with the help of this free video series from the experts at ExpertVillage.

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