How to Fold Clothes


Learn how to fold and hang clothes in a hurry in this free clothing series of travel fashion videos from our professional wardrobe expert.

Series Summary

A man by the name of Steven Stumbleford once had a job interview for a position he wanted very badly. He had essentially memorized all of the company history from their website, practiced answering the standard interview questions in the mirror and gotten a good night's sleep the night before the big day. He had even purchased a fancy new suit a couple of weeks ago for another interview for a different position he wanted very badly. But the previous interview did not go well and he ended up grabbing a beer as soon as he got home and throwing his suit into the corner of his bedroom. And his suit stayed there until the morning in question, along with the dress shirt he planned to wear along with the suit.

Angela Ascension had read over Steven's resume carefully. He seemed to have all of the qualities the company was looking for. Indeed, he was the top candidate. All she wanted to do was clarify a few dates on his resume, and then she intended to offer him the job. Intended, that is, until he walked through her office door. You see, Angela was hardly a fashionplate, but she did take pride in the way she looked, as did the other employees at her company. And this Stumbleford person looked like he had been sleeping in his clothes for a week. Huge creases separated his blue sportcoat into multiple shards of disrespect. His pants might just as well have done duty buffing Trans Ams at the downtown carwash. And his tie, his oh-so-bright paisley tie looked as if he used it as a bungee cord on off days.

Needless to say, Angela never got around to discussing Steven's qualifications. And not only did he not get that job, but he now works as an overnight security guard at a parking garage. If he had only learned how to fold and hang his clothes, his life would be so much different. Let Expert Village make sure that this doesn't happen to you. Learn to take care of your clothes and you will live up to your true potential.

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