How to Iron Shorts


Learn how to iron your shorts one portion at a time in this free series of clothing care videos from our professional wardrobe expert.

Series Summary

The party at your country club marina is tonight, but you're still not sure what to wear. Long pants seem a bit too formal. Plus summer is still in full swing, and you want to be as comfortable as possible. You've got plenty of pairs of shorts, but they all look like they've been wadded up for a week. Shorts are supposed to be casual wear, free of the worries of your work attire. You've had shorts that have gone for years without ironing, years of carefully folding them as soon as they got out of the dryer. But this is a special occasion which demands perfection. People will talk behind your back about those unsightly creases. You could even end up on the social page of the local newspaper, you and your captain's hat, martini and wrinkled shorts. Got to look your best, got to break down and actually iron that pair of shorts....

Our professional wardrobe expert tells you how to iron pockets, add pleats as well as iron seams and cuffs. She also explains how to interpret care instructions on the label and how to wash and iron your shorts accordingly. Why look like a slob when you can look like a prep? If you're reading this summary, you've already answered that question.

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