How to Give Full Body Massages


Learn how to give a massage by pinpointing muscle groups in the neck, shoulder, back, arms and legs in these free video clips

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Massages are a great way to relax and reduce muscle tension. Whether it’s a quick rubdown or a full-body treatment, the human touch has practical applications for promoting both physical and emotional well-being. The basic idea behind massage is the use of motion, pressure, tension, and vibration on certain areas of the body, localized around muscles or joints in pain or under stress. This allows a release of tension and a return to a homeostatic condition. Therefore, massage is very important for general stress relief, pain management, encouraging physical and emotional healing, or improving circulation. When giving a massage it is important to be able to identify and isolate the major muscle groups you'll be working on.

In these free videos you'll learn how to give a soothing massage to major muscle groups like the neck and upper back, shoulder, lower back, arms, legs, abs and the gluteus maximus. Expert massage therapist Jean Hurley demonstrates the massage process and talks about the various massage products you can use, like oils and lotions. If it is your first time for a massage, watching these free videos will show you what to expect and help you get comfortable with the process of getting a massage.

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