How to Fit a Bra


Finding a well fitting bra can be difficult for many women. Our certified bra fitter is here to teach you how to fit a bra, with expert tips on fashion bras and strapless bras in this free video series on women's lingerie.

Series Summary

For centuries the brassiere, or bra, has worked to cover, restrain, elevate and enhance women's breasts. Considered the foundation of undergarments, modern bras were originally developed in the late 19th century to replace the corset, and have since taken on great cultural significance. While some view bras as a symbol of feminine beauty and sexuality, others view them as oppressive symbols of societal pressure. Interestingly, bras are by no means popular throughout the world, and most women in non-Western cultures do not wear them at all. However, in the Western world it is thought that 90% of women wear a bra.

Finding a bra that fits correctly and looks good can be tough. For years women have dealt with uncomfortable and ugly bras and lingerie, but in this free video series, our expert will give you the information to find the perfect bra. She will give tips and advice on how to measure for a bra, how to find the right bra for different occasions, and even how to use bra enhancing accessories. If you are tired of bra straps digging into your shoulders, or dealing with plain, boring bra styles, this video will give you all the information you need to be really satisfied with your bra choice and fit.

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  • Proper Bra Fit

    Want to know how your bra should be fitting? Learn about proper bra fit from a certified bra fitter in this free video on women's lingerie. Read More

  • How to Measure Bra Size

    Fitting bra sizes can be a difficult process. Learn how to measure your bra size in this free video on women's lingerie. Read More

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