Body Waxing for Men


Men can wax too! Body waxing to remove unwanted hair is now an acceptable grooming method. Learn about body waxing for men and how to wax the brow, ears, and back in this free waxing and grooming video.

Series Summary

Waxing is not the only way to remove unwanted hair. Egyptians practiced depilating (shaving or cutting off hair at the skin) their entire bodies in attempts to prevent infestations of lice and fleas. Requirements for shaving or cutting the hair are part of many religious and cultural traditions. In America and the West, deliberate hair removal has become more common for aesthetic, sexual, or political reasons. Waxing off hair with a solution of hot wax is also a popular hair removal strategy. Females, especially, are expected to shape their eyebrows into lines or arcs, gracefully crafting the hairs to appear more attractive to the male gaze. Many women find such cultural norms to be oppressive and evidence of patriarchal sexual politics. Because of this, some women shave their heads or refuse to shave or sculpt body hair in efforts to resist the expectations of society.

In this free waxing video series, expert Dana M. Schwartz shows you how to wax a man's brow area, ears, and back. This is helpful for those giving the wax, or for men to become familiar with the procedure before making a waxing appointment of their own. Dana leads you through pre-treating the skin, using oil before waxing, applying the wax, and removing the hair. She shows you how to look out for the client and be professional with the treatment as well.

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