Pose Like a Fashion Model


Print models have sets of generic poses they each personalize to make stunning pictures possible. Pose in pants, bathing suits or sportswear like a fashion model from a print ad or fashion magazine in this free modeling video series.

Series Summary

Why models? According to J.P. Prewitt, famous hand model of Bulova fame, models are genetically constructed to become something great: “They’re in peak physical condition. They can gain entry to the most secure places in the world. And most important of all, models don’t think for themselves. They do as their told.” It seems only natural for mothers to want their girls going to modeling themed birthday parties. Because of the popularity of shows like America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, and others, modeling has become a fad readily consumed by our tweenagers and teenie-boppers.

In this free fashion modeling video series, professional model and modeling coach Chita Johnson shows you twenty poses for modeling various fashion in print ads. Print models have different concerns than runway models, and finding the right pose for the look can take tips. Chita covers her 'first position' pose, the staple modeling pose she teaches all her models. From this position hands can be added to the hips or placed behind the back. A great pose for modeling pants is here as well, complete with various hand poses. Sports are touched on as well, and Chita gives you the reason why each pose works and how you want your body to look throughout.

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