Sweet & Sour Pork & Chicken Recipes


Learn how to make sweet and sour pork and chicken recipe with expert cooking tips in this free Chinese cuisine video series.

Series Summary

With its hallmark infusions of soy sauce and five spice powder, Chinese cooking has been making its way around the world for more than 50 years. In a relatively short amount of time, China’s light and delicious rice or noodle-based recipes have become favorites for many non-Asian cultures. While some would say that sharing the recipes to these dishes has led to the adulteration of the true Chinese culinary experience, ultimately the ability for taste to adapt works both ways. Just as people adopt some of the characteristics of their environment, cuisines use the ingredients available around them, traditional or otherwise. Nonetheless, there are fundamental aspects to any ethnic cooking that must be adhered to…otherwise, what would be the point of calling it Chinese food?

Are you ready to learn how to make an authentic Chinese recipe? In this free video cooking class, learn how to make a traditional sweet and sour pork and chicken dish. Our expert chef will walk you through step-by-step. Learn the ingredients and cooking utensils needed, how to season your wok, how to prepare the ingredients, how to dredge and deep fry the chicken, tips for cooking the pork and vegetables and how to serve the dish when finished. Try this one out one night this week, in place of that frozen meal in a bag, perhaps. Your taste buds are sure to be pleasantly surprised.

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