Public Speaking Tips


Fear of public speaking? With these free video lessons, you can learn how to give great public speeches with openers, humor, pacing, story telling, and more from a professional public speaker.

Series Summary

People have been making speeches in front of groups since humankind has been able to communicate. Public speaking refers to giving speeches with the intention of informing audiences about certain topics or persuading listeners to succumb to various opinions. From U.S. presidents to members of the local Junior League, speakers utilize public speaking skills when addressing crowds. Though public speaking styles have changed over centuries, the basic elements remain the same. In learning to speak in public, we obtain relevant skills that enrich our ability to communicate clearly.

In this free how-to video series, our expert offers tips on public speaking, explaining the skills and training necessary to give a successful speech. He presents video clip lessons on how to begin a speech with a bang, how to speak in different settings, how to employ humor and storytelling in speeches, how to manage time effectively in a speech, and how to prepare to give a speech. Additionally, our expert informs us about the most important principles of public speaking.

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