Acupuncture Therapy


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy that utilizes a variety of methods in order to alleviate pain and treat specific ailments. Learn more about acupuncture and how it can help you in this free video series.

Series Summary

Acupuncture has been around for centuries in China and other locations in the Far East. In fact, archaeologists have found stone acupuncture needles dating back as far as 3,000 B.C. This ancient practice focuses around a chi, or energy, that is believed to encompass the body. The channeling of the chi is quite commonly executed through specific points located throughout all portions of the body. It's believed that exercising these points will and stirring the energy within can inspire a natural healing source. Sometimes patients rarely revisit their practitioners because their ailment disappears.

In this free video series our medical expert Robert Linde will walk you through the basic practice of acupuncture therapy. You'll learn how to find a practitioner as well as what you should bring to your first doctor visit. Robert will introduce the basic tools involved with acupuncture as well as why they are used. You'll learn about moxibustion, gua sha, and cupping, which are some commonly used techniques by acupuncturists. Watch this video series and learn how acupuncture can help relieve your stress and pain today.

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