Gluten Free Diets


A gluten allergy, also known as celiac disease, is an autoimmune disease that must be treated with a gluten free diet. Learn how to live and eat gluten free with tips from an expert in this free nutrition video series.

Series Summary

Gluten allergies, also known as celiac disease, is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine that typically begins in infancy. Gluten allergy symptoms include chronic diarrhea, fatigue and abdominal pains when the person ingests gluten. The gluten protein is found in wheat and wheat products as well as barley and rye. Unfortunately, the only known treatment for celiac disease is to eat a life-long gluten free diet. A gluten free diet is difficult to maintain for many people as gluten is used as a binder in many processed foods and gluten free food often tastes bad.

In this free video series our expert will teach you how to live gluten free. If you have a gluten allergy or a child with a gluten allergy it is important to learn as much as you can about the disease and how to eat properly. You will learn how to read food labels for gluten, how to identify hidden ingredients with gluten in them, and how to find resources about gluten allergies. You will also learn about the symptoms of gluten allergies and how gluten allergies affect children versus adults. Finally, get tips on caring for children with celiac disease at school, home and on vacation.

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  • What Is Gluten?

    Gluten is a protein that is found mostly in wheat and wheat products. Learn more about wheat gluten and what it does with expert tips on celiac disease in this… Read More

  • Gluten Ingredient Names

    Gluten is not always named directly as an ingredient in foods. Learn how to spot gluten ingredients under different names with expert tips on celiac disease in this free nutrition… Read More

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