How to Choose a Hearing Aid


Are you or someone you love in need of a hearing aid? Learn about hearing aids from an audiologist in this free health video series.

Series Summary

Everyone relies a great deal on their hearing. If a person can’t hear well, his ability to communicate with others is significantly hindered. This can lead to seriously negative repercussions in all areas of one’s life, from work and home, to friendships and safety. Having one’s hearing tested on a regular schedule is therefore very important.

Hearing aids are small items for ears that can make life easier for people with hearing issues. In this free health video series a professional audiologist will tell you what you need to know when considering a hearing aid. She will teach you what a hearing aid does and the parts that make up a hearing aid. You will learn how to choose a hearing aid according to your needs and the styles available. She will inform you about hearing aid sizes, advances in technology, fitting and cleaning. Finally, she will give you tips on additional devices that augment a hearing aid, such as alarm clocks and telephones.

Listing 1-2 of 2 videos

  • Hearing Aid Parts

    The parts of a hearing aid work together like a miniature public address system. Learn about the parts of a hearing aid from an audiologist in this free health video. Read More

  • How to Clean a Hearing Aid

    Moisture and earwax are the two biggest enemies of a hearing aid. Learn how to clean a hearing aid from an audiologist in this free health video. Read More

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