Indian Paneer Masala Recipe


Paneer Masala is a staple dish in Indian food. Learn how to make this delicious Indian dish in a few easy steps, including ingredients and preparations tips, all in this free cooking video series taught by an expert chef.

Series Summary

Indian Cuisine is part of a unique and rich cultural heritage that traces back to the Vedic period of India's history. Full of herbs and spices, Indian food has been influenced by the vegetarian roots of Hindu Ayurveda and Islamic cuisine of the Middle East. In India, food is not just food, but a distinguishing marker within India's intricate caste system. Ever since the 15th century, Indian spices have been traded throughout Europe and slowly has began to influence Western food culture. Today, it is not uncommon to go to Indian food restaurants or to find Indian spices in Western cuisine. In fact, Indian food has become a delicacy by sheik culture across the Western world. As such, it is important to know how to cook different Indian food recipes.

In this free video series, our expert will show you how to make Paneer Masala. This mixture of Indian spices and the Indian cottage cheese known as paneer, has all the flavor you come to expect from Indian recipes. You will get step by step instructions for preparing the spices and vegetables, and cooking the paneer. You will also get tips for mixing all the ingredients for paneer masala together to create a delicious meal. If you love Indian food but are afraid to experiment with different recipes, let our chef show you how to make this traditional Indian Paneer Masala.

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