How to Play the Flute


Learn how to play the flute in these free online video lessons, including basic techniques and tips for beginners on buying and caring for a flute, embouchure, scales and more.

Series Summary

A member of the woodwind family, the flute is a reedless instrument that plays music when air is blown over the opening or an edge. Early flutes were made of bone and date back 30,000 to 50,000 years in certain parts of the world. There are different types of flutes including piccolo, treble flute, concert flute, soprano flute, bass flute, hyperbass flute and contra-flutes. The concert flute is the most common flute and is played using the fingers to push down “keys” that let air escape from certain holes. Each combination of keys makes a certain note. These flutes all vary in octave, range and pitch. There are bamboo flutes and double flutes that are made using organic materials and played by covering holes with your fingers. In this series of videos, learn more about playing the flute from our expert. An experienced player, she first teaches you about buying and assembling your flute. You will also learn about the accessories needed for playing and caring for your flute. Learn scales easily by watching videos on the C scale and F scale. Tuning your flute is often necessary to get the right sound. Other common problems with flutes are addressed in this series as well. Get tips on private lessons and instructional books and learn how to play the flute!

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