Goblet & Dumbek Drum Lessons


In this free instructional video series, get a dumbeck (goblet) drum lesson from our expert musician and instructor; learn proper dumbeck techniques, patterns and tone flattening information dumbeck drum music lesson.

Series Summary

The goblet or dumbeck drum is commonly used in Arabic, Turkish and Persian music, and is a traditional instrument with a very sharp and crisp sound. The thin, sensitive drumhead is a recognizable aspect of all these eastern music histories, as the quick and light taps executed by the drummer distinguish the playing from other types of lap drums. Dumbeck drumming often incorporates quick hand and finger movements for effect and utilizes all parts of the hand, not just the palms as rolls and accents are critical to the sound of the drum and its part in the music it makes. The player will rest the drum under his or her arm, or in between the knees, and each method is accepted. The goblet drummer will always be familiar with a wide variety of tones and rhythms in addition to a broad landscape of sounds that can be created on the drum. Some players even use their elbows and fists to make variations on traditional tones and rhythms. In this free dumbeck drumming video music lesson, our drumming expert will demonstrate a few basic tips and techniques for the beginner dumbeck player. Learn everything from choosing and instrument to playing complex tones and rhythms such as the Masmoud. Watch as he demonstrates several dumbeck tricks like tone flattening and pitch bending on the instrument and follow along at home. It's like a music lesson in your living room with this easy to follow drumming lesson.

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