How to Build a Synthesizer


Learn how to build a simple electronic synthesizer with square wave oscillators in this free instrument-building video series that will show you how to create the perfect synthesizer.

Series Summary

Because of its creative uses of verbal and written communication, music is one of the most interesting forms of expression that exists in the world today. Whether the rhythmic arranging of tones and melodies developed in conjunction with spoken language is still unknown; nonetheless, music is unique in that it facilitates a special conversation between the musician and the audience that exceeds mere words. Music creates a connection between people that is not limited by time, distance, or relationship; a song can speak to anyone, anywhere. That’s why music continually changes and grows, is still loved and still proliferates. Music is a living language.

Now that you know the power of the music, in this free video series, learn how to build your own synthesizer with six oscillators.. Analog synthesizers are synthesizers that use analog circuits and computer techniques to produce an electronic sound that is often heard in music composition. The first analog synthesizers (or synths) were derived from analog computers and involved other electronic modules such as oscillators, filters, amplifiers and generators that were connected by patch cables. Later, all-in-one synthesizers simplified the set-up and made synthesizers more portable and easier to use. Analog synthesizers were slowly replaced by digital components, but in the 1990’s, a revival of the analog synths prevailed.

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