How to Use Svengali Magic Cards


Learn how to use the short and long decks of svengali magic cards in this free series of card trick videos from our professional magician.

Series Summary

A svengali deck, also known as a short and long deck, consists of two groups of cards, one of which is comprised of assorted cards (all different), and the other an equal number of cards which are all the same. The multiple cards are slightly shorter, allowing the magician to distinguish them from the other cards. The first step in preparing your svengali deck for a trick is to alternate these two groups, which allows the magician to fan through the deck for the audience, showing only the longer, or different cards. Since the cards fall in pairs as a result of their crafty construction, they can be riffle shuffled and remain ready for your tricks. For obvious reasons, this deck cannot be examined by the audience without giving away your secret, but it continues to be quite popular due to the ease and variety of tricks possible by the skilled magician.

Our popular Expert Village card trick professional Malik Haddadi tells you all you need to know about the svengali deck in this series of free magic videos. He begins with prepping the cards and quickly jumps to tricks sure to impress your audience. Pick a card, any card from one pile, even two or three piles and Malik will always go right to the card, or rather one of twenty six cards the same as the one you picked out.

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